Got Questions? - here are the answers.

Can I install my own cameras?

VSaaS is a professional system offering protection to the EN62676 standard. This requires that the installation is checked and the camera position approved, as well as the connection to the network. Whilst most of our agents will allow you to install the cables yourself (first fix) your installation will be completed and commissioned by the engineers.

What is special about the cameras?

Unlike those available online they are both HD quality, with heaters and many options that make the images compatible with those required by the Police so that they can be used as evidence. We also talk to them every few seconds to detect if they have been tampered with.
CCTV that records images without creating alerts does not protect you, it just records the bad guys who are likely smart enough to not show their face.

How many alerts will I receive?

The HALO robot uses deep learning to decide what is an event that you should be alerted. Typically that will be people, but it could be almost any object. Other systems do not have this capability so they will create lots of false alarms, causing you sleepless nights and unnecessary trouble.

Our aim is to keep all activation to a minimum.

Can I use the cameras we already have?

Many CCTV systems are compatible with VSaaS and the robots used by it to manage the detection of intruders and alert users. Please contact our help desk for details.
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