Got Questions? - here are the answers.

Can I install my own cameras?

VSaaS is a professional system offering protection to IEC62676.

This standard encourages the correct installation of CCTV for the threat level described.

The standard promotes proper positioning, framing of the cameras and viewing/recording so that the images collected are suitable for Police and remote viewing.

Whilst most of our agents will allow you to install the cables yourself (first fix - to our specification). The final installation will be completed and commissioned by our engineers.

What is special about your cameras?

Unlike those available online, they are HD quality for recording and not just viewing.

The cameras have heaters and many options that make the images compatible with those required by the Police allowing them to be used as evidence.

We also talk to them every few seconds to detect they are online and tamper-free.
"CCTV that records images without creating alerts does not protect you; it just records the bad guys who are likely smart enough not to show their face."

How many alerts will I receive?

You should only receive alerts when human activity is detected and the system is armed.

Can I use the cameras we already have?

Many CCTV systems are compatible with VSaaS and the ROAD control center used by it to manage the detection of intruders and alert users.

Please contact our help desk for details.

Our insurance requires that we commission your system and you may not get all the features provided by VSaaS.Cloud but you will be charged for them.