About VSaaS - Business

How do you protect your property?

Professional security consultants have long accepted that the best way to protect your home or business is from the outside; this is how protection is provided for many commercial properties.

But it isn't CCTV for CCTV sake. Someone has to act on the images seen so that you are not just looking at something that happened in the past.

Using a technique developed for smart cars and vehicles, we can check what a camera installed on your property can see. We then use this object classification to decide when to let you know that someone is at your location that maybe should not be.

Professional installation.

You can buy CCTV cameras and DIY alarms from many sources, but, let's be frank, you are not a security expert, and some of these things do not work. VSaaS is a professional CCTV system installed by experts and designed and built to a very high standard. It works. It will protect you and your property before bad guys get the chance to do anything.