Your home is your castle

protect it from the outside

VSaaS.Cloud uses professionally installed cameras connected to the Internet to monitor your property from the outside - before bad guys get in.

Images are stored in our data centre and all motion is analysed by our Robot Operated Automated Despatch (ROAD) control center to decide if you should be alerted.

It is like having attentive guards on duty all day, everyday.

VSaaS protects not just your home but cars and other assets you cannot squeeze through your front door.

You cannot buy better security.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Early Threat Detection

Our Robot "HALO" detects potential bad people through the images sent from smart CCTV cameras.

Before they start to damage your doors and windows, or before they steal your car.

It is about knowing.
Knowing that someone is on your property that maybe shouldn't be.

Knowing before they get near your people.

Knowing that a response has been called.


Once HaLO has detected activity that it thinks you need to be aware it passes the information to our control room from where you will be alerted, using a process you set.

Send an announcement to external speakers.

Call a response.

Turn on lights.

But above all early warning ensures your safety.

The ROAD control center consistently outperforms humans doing the same task. It's robots don't get distracted, bored or forgetful.

Unlimited Playback

All motion is recorded, even when the system is disarmed and the ROAD control center is not looking to warn you.

Placing CCTV in the cloud so the images can be used quickly and efficiently.

Recording in HD quality to view back on your convenience.

Control with Amazon Alexa, mobile and Web

"Alexa, ask HaLO to arm my cameras."

As well as Apps for Android and Apple

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