Look yourself in the eye.

Do you want the freedom to run your own business? But as part of a larger organisation?

Why VSaaS.Cloud?

Be your own boss, work the hours you want when you want to do them. Full time or part time, it's up to you.

Explore new challenges

VSaaS.Cloud is new, totally, robotically controlled it enables the provision of high levels of security without the costs associated with control rooms. With the same, or better, levels of response.

Challenge the existing market of bells and sensors.

Explore a brave new world

Be yourself. Be in control. Be self-sustaining.


We'll be in touch to discuss opportunities and benefits of developing your own business with VSaaS.Cloud.
We will support you, train you and guide you throughout your journey. You will be invited to attend Getting Started and Business Basics training. Once qualified your future is in your hands.
You don't need to invest anything apart from your time. Each sale you make will earn you money, more sales - Higher Income Plan.

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"You'll never really earn any decent money until you work for yourself". The phrase is as true today as it ever was. Is now the time to start your journey?
"Freedom comes with a cost". At first your family will come second, but then as the business grows your freedoms become more. With the flexibility to enjoy life without the constraints that employment shackles you.
Happy People
"It's difficult to work alone when starting out". With VSaaS.Cloud you won't be. We'll train you, give you fair prices for the cameras and service and you can set your own margins. We can even show you how to do simple invoicing, maintaining accounts and general management. We have done it all before and we once started from the ground as well.
"Take your time to make that decision". Can you handle stress, do you want to bring that on yourself. Do this because you want to and are ready, not because you feel you have no choice. You do. At the end of the day it is your moment?
"Time stands still for no one". We really believe in our technology. And once you see it you will too. It works! It gives people the protection they require in today's world, without making a fuss and..... before the bad guys get inside!
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